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Scalable Linux or Windows VPS hosting built for speed, offering security and the processing power of up to 4 cores.

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What is VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and in layman's terms it a piece of server software that stores the data and files of your website and serves them to web browsers.

Unlike Shared Hosting where you may share server resources with multiple other websites, VPS Hosting provides you with your own vitual server with all resources dedicatied to your website only.

A virual server can be thought of as a private, encapsulated partition of a physical server which behaves for all intensive purposes as a stand alone-server.

Our VPS and network infrastructure is monitored by a team of engineers, located close to our data centre 24/7, 365 days a year - Monitoring that is backed by an industry-leading 99.9% up-time guarantee on all network infrastructure.

VMware technology

Our VPS Hosting is a clustered, auto-failover network, built on IBM Blade servers and managed by VMware which instantly replicates the machine elsewhere within the network to prevent downtime if any issues are detected.

Enterprise grade

With brand-new blade servers featuring state of the art Xeon CPUs and fast memory, along with IBM nSeries NAS storage systems, ensures faster I/O and eliminates one of today's common bottlenecks in server performance.

Linux or Windows

You have the choice of one of our Linux distributions, which has the option of WHM cPanel, or Windows server environment images which have been optimised for security and performance.

Snapshot backups

We snapshot your VPS daily and each backup includes all the files within your virtual machine, including disks, memory and other devices.

Scalable to support growth

Our VPS Hosting has the ablity to vary resources when you need them - Start from 1GB of RAM and as you grow it's easy to scale up to 8GB VPS.

SSH enabled

We can provide you with full secure root access to your VPS, giving you the power and flexibilty to install whatever you need to, based on individual customer needs.

VPS Hosting plans

VPS Cloud 1

$130 / month

was $200.00

    2 CPUs

    1024MB RAM

    200GB SAN Storage

    100GB Bandwidth

VPS Cloud 2

$240 / month

was $290.00

    2 CPUs

    2048MB RAM

    200GB SAN Storage

    200GB Bandwidth

VPS Cloud 4

$270 / month

was $320.00

    4 CPUs

    4096MB RAM

    200GB SAN Storage

    400GB Bandwidth

VPS Cloud 8

$340 / month

was $380.00

    4 CPUs

    8192MB RAM

    200GB SAN Storage

    800GB Bandwidth

VPS Plan Comparison

VPS Cloud 1 VPS Cloud 2 VPS Cloud 4 VPS Cloud 8
Cores 2 2 4 4
Memory (RAM) 1024 MB 2048 MB 4096 MB 8192 MB
SAN storage 200 GB 200 GB 200 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB 200 GB 400 GB 800 GB
IP addresses 1 1 2 2
Virtualisation software VMware VMware VMware VMware
High availability
Rapid deployment
Full root access
Auto-failover multi-homed network
Dual Tier 1 ISP connections (Telstra & Uecomm)
Additional ISP connections with PIPE
Cisco routing
99.9% uptime guarantee
24x7 network monitoring
24x7 hardware monitoring
Daily backup
User remote reboot
Email & SMS monitor alerts
Automatic security updates
Operating system options
Windows Server 2012 Optional Optional Optional
Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 Optional Optional Optional
cPanel powered by CloudLinux Optional Optional Optional

Need us to manage your server?

Server Management includes

  • Constant monitoring - We monitor your services 24/7 and respond to outage notifications as they happen with 10 minute response time in the case of any monitoring alerts or outages.

  • Ongoing maintenance - We will provide you with weekly system updates, bug fixes and security patching as needed for your operating system.

  • Software installation - Software will be installed to your server as needed, all managed by our VPS support team.

  • Backup management and configuration - We manage your backups entirely, so you don't need to worry if anything happens to your server.

  • 24/7 support - If anything goes wrong with your VPS, we have 4 hour maximum response time for new support requests lodged outside of business hours.

Three server racks

Frequently asked questions

  • If you have a website which is currently on shared hosting and your site has become more and more popular with increased web traffic and ecommerce transactions, it may be time you had more disk space and bandwidth to cater for your growing business

    In addition, your website may require deployment and/or use of software which is not available through shared hosting.

  • With standard VPS hosting a copy of your server instance runs in one physical server along a few others and with minimal to no hardware redundancy.

    Cloud VPS is more reliable because when there’s an issue, our management software VMware, instantly replicates your VPS elsewhere within the network to prevent downtime and ensure 100% availability.

  • Yes because each VPS Hosting account has its own isolated or dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU and memory and because of this isolation, your data and processes are more secure in their own virtual environment in comparison to shared hosting.

  • VPS management has a support scope that includes installation and configuration of server software like Apache, cPanel, PHP, MySQL and Java.

    We also configure FTP, SSH and CSF firewall however you can get a full list of our management scope upon request.